Students of the Month

Candidates are nominated by a High School staff member. Once the list of nominees is compiled, the winners are selected by a vote of the complete High School staff.




Brecken McMahon--

"Brecken is a true Hawkeye. He beams with school spirit and pride wherever he goes. In the classroom, he is quick to show his skills and follow rules. He enjoys making others smile and shines as he walks down the hall with countless high fives and kind words to coaches, students, and teachers. Brecken's love for others and his willingness to work hard in class are contagious and make me and many others strive to be better."




Rayah Blood--

"Rayah is always so positive and happy.  Her enthusiasm is contagious and her work ethic is outstanding."..."Rayah has been a model of what hard work and perseverance should look like in a classroom.  At the beginning of the trimester, Rayah wasn't doing as well as what she wanted and what she was used to.  On her own accord, she started coming in before school to get some extra help.  She was diligent in her preparation and did some extra work just to try and better prepare herself for the class.  Instead of just complaining and giving up, this hard work has turned in to better results for her."




Addie Weaver--

"Addie is thoughtful and very intelligent. She thinks about others and is always eager to help."




Spencer Carlson--

"Spencer is a hard-working young man who has really stepped it up this year.  I have thrown a lot of stuff at him this year with graduation and transitioning out of high school and he is always upbeat about it and has done a good job advocating for himself and trying to problem solve through some of the situations."