Project Based Learning (PBL)

Project Based Learning Classes are classes you work on at home under the direction of a Hamilton certified teacher.  Weekly emails from the teacher will guide the student towards completion of a project with monthly due dates for assignments.   Students are required to communicate with a mentor teacher as well.  There will be an opportunity at the end of each semester to share and display the project in Hamilton for interested students.   In addition to the project, each class will allow the student to take advantage of an optional lab taught by a community expert.  Not finishing the project could jeopardize future enrollment.

See this PDF for the Essentials of Project Based Learning.

The projects follow a predictable format with one project due each semester for each PBL class. 


  • Grades K-12 may take up to 5 classes.  Each class will count as one 1 class and each class will have a project.  Each class entitles the student to hands on learning at an optional lab.
  • Payments will be made September through end of May only.  Summer classes are the responsibility of parent. 
  • NEW*** There is no reimbursement for registration fees, unless it is considered a deposit towards tuition. In this case, the reimbursement to parents will come from the community partner and not Hamilton Schools. 
  • It is the responsibility of the parents to pay ALL registration fees and other items required for the class, such as ballet slippers for a ballet, a uniform for a Tae Kwon Do or any other supplies or costs for a community partner lab. 
  • Each student will be guided along on their project by a certified teacher.  Please review this syllabus which out lines the weekly assignments. The project is in addition to the work the student does with thier community expert.  
  • The student is required to communicate with the mentor teacher throughout the semester including the 4 weeks during count month.


Part time students sign up for classes:
Link to ultracamp to sign up for classes.

Full time students sign up for classes:
High School students, contact Gina Sneller 
Middle School students, contact Kris Henrickson 
Elementary students, contact your building principal.