Sandyview News

Tues 3/20 - Pajama Day

Thurs 3/22 - DEAR - Wear a hat and sunglasses

Fri 3/23 - Fun Night!

PTO News: 

  • Haven’t had time to get the classroom basket or food donations for Fun Night? No problem! Please bring them in on Monday, March 19. Thank you!

Hand 2 Hand Donations:
1. Individually-packaged snacks (microwave popcorn, pudding or jello cups, cheese & crackers, trail mix, etc.) We send snacks home each weekend, so we can always use more!
2. Individual boxes of shelf-stable milk (Horizon brand, white or chocolate, found in the beverage aisle).
3. Mac & cheese microwavable cups.

Book Swap Reminder:
Camp Read-A-Lot’s Book Swap will be on Wednesday, March 28. In preparation, please bring in gently used books by next Friday, March 23. Please consider donating two or three books to ensure everyone gets to take home at least one book.

DIBELs Spotlight: Nonsense Word Fluency (NWF) is an assessment that checks your child’s ability to blend sounds together. How can you help your child with NWF? 1st, encourage them to sound out words CAREFULLY when reading. Make sure your child understands what each letter says.  Allow your K-1 student to sound out words on road signs, menus, mail, church bulletins, etc. If your child is struggling with a word in a book, do not simply give them the word, but help them see the syllables and
sound it out. Most importantly encourage your child to read to you.