Notes From Mr. Roon

As we continue to move closer to Thanksgiving, we have continued to talk about gratitude and the things we are thankful for at Sandyview. As a staff we want all our parents to know that we are thankful for them. Your support is felt daily.

As part of our thanks we want to share that we had 100% of our parents participate with teachers at conferences. This is a celebration and shows the commitment that our families have for the growth of our kids.

Additionally, we are going to be moving through our first round of progress monitoring next week, checking on student growth from the start of the year. As we move through this phase of the year, we will continue to support students in the best way possible. Please continue to ask us questions about these supports and how we can work as a team to help ALL of our kids find success and thrive this year and into the future.


Mr. Roon

Twitter: @jroon44